Music Schools

Agata graduated with honors from music schools: first and second degree under the direction of master Maria Wróbel-Zegalska.

Encouraged by prizes and distinctions in national competitions (e.g. 1st place in the Silesian Piano Competition, 1997) and international ones (e.g. 2nd place in the International Magin Piano Competition in Paris, 1995), she began piano studies in the class of Professor Andrzej Jasiński, who brought out her unique musical sensitivity.

Enriched with new skills and experiences and a diploma from the Academy of Music in piano and chamber music classes (with prof. Regina Strokosz-Michalak), she started her career as a pianist-soloist, chamber musician and member of the AHHA PIANO DUO piano duo.

At the same time, she continued to polish her piano technique under Prof. Jasinski, first at postgraduate studies and later defending her dissertation and earning a doctorate in musical arts.

To date, she has recorded 2 albums, including a solo album with works by Clara Schumann and a duo album Our World Of Four Hands.

Associate Professor at the Institute of Music

Agata Hołdyk na fortepianowym stołku na polu ściętego zboża

Today Agata Hołdyk is adjunct professor at the Institute of Music at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Silesia. Working with students for 15 years and actively participating in academic life, she has gained invaluable experience in public speaking and a new passion – conducting concerts and artistic events.

Sharing her knowledge in an accessible, humorous and engaging way, and building a mood with words as well, has made her a complete and… happy Artist, as she experiences the magic of live and immediate interaction with the audience.

Performances combining virtuoso playing with engaging announcing have become her trademark and the starting point of her career development outside “classical” concert halls. In short, for several years she has successfully conducted and enriched various celebrations, parties and PR events with her playing, includinganniversary galas, openings, conferences, corporate banquets, concerts, recitals, welcomes and other image-building events.

Frederic Chopin Memorial

Agatha’s considerable asset, besides, of course, her ability to combine playing with an announcer, is her extensive repertoire, including canonical pieces of classical music, such as Polonaise in A flat major, Op. 53 by Frederic Chopin, through evergreens of film and operetta music, arrangements of pop super hits, to jazz renditions of Christmas carols.

In turn, the ability to conduct concerts in English and German has allowed her to show to a wider audience abroad (Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Holland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Ukraine).

However, what her listeners most often pay attention to is a rare ability to build unique atmosphere and “tune” the audience with stories painted with words and music.